Additions to the Diptera Acalyptrata fauna (Anthomyzidae, Stenomicridae, Carnidae, Milichiidae, Heleomyzidae) of the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2017
Authors:J. Rohacek, Tkoč, M., Preisler, J.
Keywords:Anthomyzidae, biology, Bohemia, Carnidae, Czech Republic, Diptera, distribution, Heleomyzidae, identification, Milichiidae, Moravia, new records, Slovakia, Stenomicridae

Records of five species of Diptera Acalyptrata representing novelties for the faunas of Bohemia or Moravia (Czech Republic) and Slovakia are given with discussion on their significance to the biodiversity knowledge of local faunas and a summary of their biology, distribution and identification with new information obtained from the material examined. Stiphrosoma humerale
Roháček & Barber, 2005 (Anthomyzidae) and Stenomicra cogani Irwin, 1982 (Stenomicridae) are new additions to the dipterous fauna of Slovakia. Records of Meoneura alpina Hennig, 1948 (Carnidae) and Milichia speciosa Meigen, 1830 (Milichiidae) are the first from Bohemia and represent new northernmost distribution limits of these species; those of Heleomyza (Anypotacta) setulosa (Czerny, 1924) are the first from Moravia. Macrophotographs of all these species are presented to document the specimens recorded and/or to facilitate identification of these uncommon species. In addition, new records of S. humerale from Russia: E Siberia and of M. speciosa from Greece: Peloponnesse are given.

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