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Currently this site is mostly the work of just one person, Irina Brake. However, I very much welcome contributions of others, may it be in the form of text, notes, corrections, images or whatsoever. To contribute you need to create a new account.

To cite the whole website use:

"Brake, I. [year]: Milichiidae online, http://milichiidae.info, accessed on [precise date when you last viewed the website]."

To cite a certain page:

"Brake, I. [year]: [Titel of web page]. Milichiidae online, http://milichiidae.info/..., accessed on [precise date when you last viewed the web page]."
If the page was created by another contributor you will obviously need to cite this contributor.

Disclaimer for all links on this homepage:

I dissociate myself hereby from all content of all websites linked to from this website and do not make these contents my own.

Data privacy:

For people who are registered users or who use the contact us form for this site or to contact me, Irina Brake: I don't sell any personal data to third parties. I keep all data private, except for the fields you see on the user page, that is name and country. See also the general Scratchpad policies.


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