Su alcune specie dei generi Tetanops ed Herina (Diptera Acalyptera Ulididae Otitinae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2009
Authors:L. Rivosecchi
Journal:Studi trentini di scienze naturali

About two species of the genera Tetanops ed Herina (Diptera Acalyptera Ulididae Otitinae) - Diptera captured by means two Malaise traps from a little marsh, known as “Paludetto”, and from a sandy dune, in marine shore of Park-Uccellina, are examined. In “Paludetto” there is predominance of blood-sucking Diptera (Culicidae, Ceratopogonidae, Tabanidae, Muscidae, Stomoxydinae), Diptera parassitoid on Mollusca (Sciomyzidae) or phytophagous (Cloropidae and Tephritidae). In sandy-dune there are Diptera of arid environments (Asilidae, Bombilidae, Conopidae, Milichidae) and some species of subfamily Otitinae: Herina scutellaris, Herina oscillans and Tetanops contarinii. Of these three, the last only may be regarded as a thalassobiont. T. contarinii compared with three other species of the same genus, for its morphology (tube-shaped spermathecae) and ecology (thalassobiont-psammophilous) may be regarded as a southern vicariant of Tetanops myopina of marine shores of north-central Europe.LEpt

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