An assessment of the occurrence and potential of natural enemies of Mikania spp. in the Neotropics. Final Report (May 1978 - March 1981)

Publication Type:Government Report
Year of Publication:1981
Authors:M. J. W. Cock
Publisher:Commonwealth Institue of Biological Control

The natural enemies of Mikania micrantha in the Neotropics were investigated. The wide range of phytophagous insects associated with M. micrantha in the New World which are not found in the 01d World may explain why M. micrantha is an aggressive weed in the latter, but of little importance in the former. The thrips, Liothrips mikaniae was examined in sorne detail and shown to be host specifie. Subject to confirmatory tests in a receiving country, it is recommended for introduction into S.E. Asia. Other species which are probably host specifie and merit further studies include the eriophiid mite Acalitus sp., the seed-feeding weevil Apion luteirostre, the flower midge Neolasioptera sp., the inflorescence inhabiting lace bugs Teleonemia spp., the cassids Omoplata spp. and the weevil Pseudoderelomus baridiiformis.

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